How to Decorate Windows with Vertical Blinds Images

Vertical blinds hanging on a window can look more like curtains than do traditional horizontal blinds. Vertical blinds are available in a variety of colours, styles and materials, including metal, vinyl, wood and fabric-coated components. Vertical blinds are an excellent choice for patio doors and over-size windows since they allow you to control the amount of sunlight that enters the room. During the winter months, you can open them to allow the sun to warm the room and use them as insulation during the summer months to block extra heat from entering the area. Often, vertical blinds are used alone rather than accented with valances or curtains.

Review colour choices for your blinds. Pick a colour that complements the room's decor or in a neutral colour that works well with any decor, such as off-white, cream or beige.

Review the different varieties of vertical window blinds available. Some feature narrow slats while others are wide. A set of narrow-slatted vertical blinds looks best in a small bedroom, while larger rooms, such as a den or great room, work well with wider slats.

Identify the material for your blinds. If the room is prone to collecting dust, choose metal, wood or vinyl blinds since you can dust or vacuum them. Fabric blinds give the room sophistication and a custom-made flair, as the fabric often blends with the upholstery, area rugs or other decor.

Research additional features available, such as remote control options that allow you to open and close the vertical blinds while sitting in a chair, bed or sofa. Dust-repellent materials are vital for some regions of the country and are a wise choice for wide slats. Determine if these features are worth the added price.

Measure your window with a tape measure. Calculate the length and width of each window. These measurements will determine if you can purchase the standard vertical blinds or if you they have to be custom-made to fit the window opening.

Look at the surroundings of the window. This determines whether you need a left draw, right draw or split draw control. If you have a large potted plant or a media centre on the left side of the window, it may be best to choose a draw that slides the slats to the right side, for example. If the blinds cover a patio door entrance, the draw should be on the side of the patio door that you don't use as an entrance or exit. Conversely, if the window is large and opens to a breathtaking view, a split draw may be the wisest choice to permit the viewer to see as much of the view as possible when the vertical blinds are drawn.

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