How to find out if I have unpaid traffic tickets

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If you drive a vehicle, there is a chance that at some point you will get a traffic ticket. According to the Free Legal Advice Help website, at least 100,000 drivers receive speeding tickets on a daily basis in the United States. This figure does not include tickets given for other traffic violations. Unpaid traffic tickets can lead to increased fines, a warrant for your arrest and possibly jail time if they aren't taken care of.

Write down or memorise your driver's license number. If you don't have a driver's license, have your name, birth date and address readily available.

Call the traffic division of the court in the city or county where you want to determine if you have any unpaid tickets.

Tell the clerk that you want to find out if you have any unpaid traffic tickets.

Give the clerk your information. He will check to see if your driver's license number or your name, birth date and address come up in the court's traffic ticket system and tell you whether you have any unpaid fines or outstanding charges.

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