How to Determine If a Tooth Leaking Is an Infection

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A leaking tooth is almost always a serious sign of ailing dental health. Even if you are not experiencing pain, you may have an infection and possibly an abscess, defined by WebMD as bacteria spreading through the tissue surrounding the tooth.

You can determine the severity of the problem by looking for a few telltale signs.

Determine the colour of the fluid leaking from the tooth by taking a cotton ball and pressing it gently to the troubled area. Remove the cotton ball after applying moderate pressure and examine the colour; if it is brown or yellow, the tooth has likely abscessed and is leaking pus.

Schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. Inform them of the leak and ask for antibiotics.

Take all of your antibiotics as prescribed and monitor the tooth. Call your dentist if the tooth continues to leak, as you may need to undergo a tooth extraction or root canal.