How to Find Your GCSE Results

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Students in the UK receive a "General Certificates of Secondary Education," known as a GCSE, after completing a comprehensive, subject-specific exam following the first phase of their secondary education, usually between ages 15 and 16.

If you've taken your GCSE exams and need your results, there are several methods you may employ to find them. Whether you have yet to receive your results certificate or you've simply lost or damaged the one you do have will determine which party you contact to find your results.

Call your examination centre directly if you have not received the results of a GCSE exam you took within the past year. According to GSCE administrator WJEC, test centres are only obligated to hold onto unclaimed certificates for 12 months.

Contact the GCSE administrator through whom you took the exam--either OCR, AQA, CCEA EdExcel or WJEC--if more than a year has passed since you took the exam or you need to obtain a replacement certificate because of damage, theft or loss. You can find links to each of these administrators' web pages under Resources.

Find your results online if you took your exam through EdExcel by logging into the "ResultsPlus Direct" service, a link to which is listed under Resources. If you've forgotten your login credentials, call ResultsPlus customer service at 0844-576-0024.