C50 Petmate Instructions

the cat image by Milena Kowalska from Fotolia.com

The Cat Mate C50 Automatic Feeder from Pet Mate is an automatic pet feeder designed for cats that will also work for small dogs. The feeder runs on batteries and has timers to ensure that food is ready at specific times that you can set. The Cat Mate C50 can feed cats canned food even when you are away for a certain time period.

Insert one AA battery and turn the timer to start. You should see that the battery is working by movement of the battery indicator which is located next to the timer knob.

Remove the feeder lid and food bowl and insert two pre-frozen ice packs. The packs and extra packs come with the feeder. Replace the food bowl lid and insert food into the food bowl slots and put the lid back on when you are finished. There is space in the feeder for five meals, Pet Mate reminds you to not overfill the bowls because it could harm the rotating lid.

Set the meal time indicators by turning the knob to the appropriate times. You can program up to 96 hours of feeding, but the first meal has to be four hours from the current time, and meals must be at least four hours apart.

Place the timer cover on and rotate the lid counter-clockwise until bowl 0 is showing. Place in position with 1 foot of space on all sides and preferably use indoors.

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