How to pipe icing shamrocks

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Make a piped icing shamrock for your next Irish wedding or St. Patrick's Day celebration cake. By investing a couple hours of your time, you will receive both a visual and tasty treat. Make the shamrocks in several sizes for a pleasing design, plus a couple extra to lay at the base of the cake. This simple, but festive decorative touch allows you to broadcast your heritage and pride in Ireland, plus lends an extra taste layer to the cake.

Insert the icing sugar, the meringue powder and warm water in a large bowl. Beat the mixture on high with an electric egg beater until you see peaks form, usually about five minutes. Add the extract and the food dye to the mixture after the peaks have formed.

Spoon the icing into a large plastic bag. Shake the icing toward one of the corners and snip 1/4 inch off the end corner. Use this hole as your spout.

Rip a section of the waxed paper off the roll. Place it in the baking tray. Place your shamrock cookie cutter on the waxed paper.

Squeeze the bag as you follow the lines of the shamrock. Draw the perimeter first and then fill in the shape.

Dip the cooking brush into the water. Spread a light coating of water over the mixture to keep it moist. Sprinkle glitter over the mixture. Allow it to dry. This usually takes one hour.

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