How to raise a baby quail

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Quails are birds that have been gaining popularity as pets. However, raising a baby quail can be quite challenging. A baby quail is not only fragile and helpless but also needs constant warmth that its mother usually provides. A baby quail needs a high-protein diet and a comfortable home. On the other hand, if you have the time and energy, raising a baby quail can be an unforgettable learning experience.

Purchase a commercial brooder or breathable covered tank with a 100-watt red or blue heat lamp and a thermostat installed to regulate temperature for your newborn quail.

Keep the temperature of the brooder 35 degrees Celsius the first week and decrease the thermostat by -15 degrees C each week until the brooder reaches a consistent 21.1 degrees C, which is when you don't need the heat lamp anymore.

Put a red clay brick under the light in the brooder for the baby quail to warm up against.

Line the bottom of the brooder with nonskid matting for the first few days after your baby quail is born and then change it to Dry Stall, a mix of horse bedding and sand that can be found at feed stores to give your baby quail some traction for walking around.

Pour water in a shallow jar lid and place aquarium stones in it so the baby quail won't fall in but will be able to drink from around the stones. Refill it frequently.

Feed the baby quail starter quail feed from the pet store or grind up game bird starter feed in a coffee grinder for the baby quail. This is important because the starter feed has protein, vitamins and minerals.

Teach your baby quail to peck by sprinkling a bit of chick feed on the brooder bottom, and tapping the food with your fingertip. This is an instinctual survival skill for your baby quail.

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