How to order flowers for a cruise ship

bright colourful flower arrangement image by Paul Retherford from

If you know someone who is celebrating a special occasion on a cruise ship, you can arrange a pleasant surprise for them by having a vase of fresh flowers delivered to their cabin.

While floral services differ between cruise lines, most major lines offer flower arrangements that can be ordered before the cruise departs or purchased though passenger services on board the ship.

Visit the company web site for the cruise line on which your recipient is sailing., and are the websites for three of the most popular cruise lines.

Navigate to the gift or floral services page. On the Princess Cruises web site, hover over "Learn About Our Cruises" at the top of the page, select "Onboard Experience" and click on "Gifts and Services."

On the Carnival site, select "Ships & Life Onboard" on the main menu and click "Onboard Gifts & Services." On the main page of the Celebrity site, click on "Gifts and More."

Select a bouquet and place your order online with a credit or debit card. You may need the passenger's booking number and stateroom number to do this.

Call the toll-free number listed on the cruise line's web site if can't order flowers online. Tell the operator that you wish to order flowers for a passenger on one of their cruises and ask to be directed to the department that would handle such a transaction.

Inform the operator if you don't have the cabin number or booking reference for the person to whom you're sending flowers. Guest services will probably be able to look up the information for you.

Ask about the options available for floral arrangements and select one for your recipient.

Request a gift message to be included with the flowers.

Indicate what day you would like the flowers delivered. Typically they will be put in the room before your recipient arrives, but if you want them sent on a specific day you need to specify that when you call.

Place the order over the phone with a credit or debit card.