How to Replace Car Door Seals

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One part that may need replacement during the lifetime of a car or truck, is the seal, or weatherstripping, on the doors. If you notice an increase in road noise when the windows are shut or water leaks from rain storms, this is a telltale sign that the seals are worn. Replacing the seals will take 1-2 hours to finish and you can purchase these seals at any automotive parts store or a car dealer.

Open the car door and locate the weather seal. This is a black rubber strip that surrounds the entire perimeter of the entryway. Find the seam in the weather seal, that is located near the bottom of the door, around the centre.

Firmly pull off one side of the weather seal with your hand and work around the entire door, while pulling the rubber strip from around the interior. Grip and pull each section of the weather stripping as you move along. Note how the seal fits on the sheet metal, because this is where the new seal will go.

Set the weather stripping on a flat surface and pay attention to the shape of the material. The seal is formed to a particular vehicle and will have curves in specific locations. Hold the seal by one of the corners and push the weather stripping into the corner of the door.

Move along the entire perimeter of the door. Push the weather stripping into the corners as you work and make sure the seams line up in the bottom of the door. Push edges of the seal behind plastic panels to make it fit tightly with the blade of a flat head screwdriver.

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