How to Set the Clock on NEC Phones

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NEC phone systems are multi-console phone systems installed in business and industrial settings. Set the clock and calendar functions on the consoles either by addressing each console individually or by setting all consoles at once via the main console, depending on the model.

Access the time and calendar setting system easily by pressing a few buttons, entering the required information and then exiting the system, at which time the entered information is activated and the consoles keep correct time.

Press the "FNC" button and dial nine on the keypad to access clock settings.

Dial one, then zero to set the hour. Dial one, then five to set the minutes.

Press "Recall" to set the "AM" or "PM."

Press "Hold" to access the calendar settings.

Dial zero, then two to set the month. Dial zero, then nine to set the day. Dial one, then the digit corresponding to the correct day of the week to set the weekday: Press zero for Sunday, one for Monday, two for Tuesday, three for Wednesday, four for Thursday, five for Friday and six for Saturday. Dial one, nine, eight, eight to set the year.

Press "FNC" to exit the system.

Set the time on all phone consoles at once through the main console, first making sure the handset is in the cradle.

Press "FNC" or "Feature" and press nine to enter the system.

Enter hours and minutes using the numeral keys on the key pad. Press "Recall" to select "AM" or "PM."

Press "Hold" to enter the calendar system. Press "Recall" and select the day of the week. Press the pound key to select the field for day of the month. Enter the day using the numerals on the key pad. Press "Recall" and select the correct month of the year. Press the pound key to select the year field. Enter the last two digits of the correct year using the number keys on the key pad.

Press "FNC" or "Feature" to exit the system.

Press "Speaker" and dial 728 to access the time setting system.

Enter a two digit hour using the number keys on the key pad.

Enter a two digit minute.

Press "Speaker" to exit the system.