How to Make Scars With Liquid Latex

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Liquid latex is a highly versatile make-up material that can be used to create scars. There are two main types of scars you can create: keloid (raised) scars and indented scars. Both are caused by a wound that has not properly healed, forming scar tissue. Liquid latex scars can be created in whatever styles you can imagine.

Gather research photos of actual keloid scars to assist you as you do the make-up.

Pull a long, thin strip of cotton off of a cotton ball.

Paint some latex onto your skin with a cotton swab.

Lay the cotton strip into the latex.

Cover the cotton with more latex, feathering the edges of the cotton into the skin.

Allow the latex to dry.

Powder the latex to prevent it from sticking to itself and damaging your scar.

Paint the scar and surrounding area with a flesh-coloured make-up that matches your skin.

Paint the raised portion of the scar with a colour lighter than your skin tone. For darker skin tones, use a flesh colour a few shades lighter than the skin. For lighter skin tones, use a pale pink colour.

Paint some latex onto your skin with a cotton swab.

Allow the latex to dry.

Pinch the skin together, allowing the latex to stick to itself and form a scar.

Powder the scar.

Add a little make-up to the scar. It should be a shade or two darker than the skin tone.

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