How Do I Attach a Welded Wire Fence to a Fence Post?

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Since 1901, welded wire fence has been used to keep dogs and small livestock in and keep deer and other wildlife out. It is usually sold in 100-foot rolls and the square windows in the wire mesh range in size from 1/2 inch square to 2-by-4 inches. Welded wire fence can be nailed or stapled to wooden posts but it is usually clipped to skinny metal fence posts call "t-posts" because the metal posts cost less than the wooden ones. If this is your first fence, you should know before you begin that the t-posts have a smooth side and a ridged or bumpy side.

Check the alignment of the t-posts before you begin tying a long piece of string to the fence posts at each end of each side of the fence. As you walk past the t-posts, check to ensure that the bumpy side of each post faces out. The fence always attaches to the bumpy side.

Put on leather gloves. Set the roll of welded wire fencing upright by one of the t-posts at one end of the "out" side of the fence you are about to construct.

Push the bent middle of a t-post clip against the top of the t-post from the "in" side of the fence. The clip should fit the t-post exactly. The wire clip, which resembles a piece of clothes hanger, will have an acutely bent end that turns 180 degrees and a much less sharply bent end.

Push both ends of the t-post hook over the top horizontal wire of the welded wire fencing. Ensure that the top wire of the fence is just above the top bump on the t-post.

Bend the acutely bent end of the t-post clip down and around the top horizontal fence wire. Tightly wrap that end of the clip around the fence wire twice using pliers. Wrap the other end of the t-post clip around the fence wire once using pliers.

Count down six horizontal wires and secure that wire to the t-post with a clip using the same procedure you used above. Repeat until you reach the bottom of the fence.

Unroll and stretch the welded wire fencing to the next t-post. Hold the fence tight while you attach it to the second t-post.

Continue to the last t-post. Cut the welded wire fencing with wire clippers if the roll is longer than you need.

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