How to drive a smart car

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Smart cars look cute and are increasing in popularity in the United States. In addition to their attractive appearance, they are also very economical. They consume less gas than larger autos and thus cost less to drive. They are also easy to park and manoeuvre on crowded city streets, thanks to their diminutive frames. If you are worried about how to drive your new Smart car, rest easy. Driving a Smart car is similar to driving a normal one.

Step into your Smart car and take a seat. Adjust the seat so that you can comfortably reach the steering wheel, accelerator and brakes. Smart cars are much smaller than normal cars but you should have exactly the same distance between your body and the steering wheel, gas and brakes as you normally do. It is not safe to try to squeeze into the driver's seat and there is no reason for you to attempt this. Adjust the seat with the lever to your left on the side of the seat.

Adjust the rear view and side mirrors on the Smart car. The rear view mirror should give you a clear view of the objects visible through your rear windshield. The side mirrors should give you views of potential oncoming traffic in the lanes to either side of you.

Buckle your safety belt and insist that your passenger do the same, if someone is riding with you. Riding in a car without a seat belt is against the law in most states.

Insert your key into the ignition on the right of the steering column and turn it to start your Smart car.

Release the parking brake on your Smart car. It is located immediately to your right.

Step on the brake and shift your Smart car from park into the gear you need, such as "drive" or "reverse." Gently lift your foot off the brake. Step on the accelerator to accelerate.

Be mindful of pedestrians, cyclists and animals while driving. Your Smart car is small and thus less visible to others around you. Smart cars also run quietly, so keep an eye out for pedestrians who may not see you coming.

Avoid tailgating or being tailgated while driving your Smart car, for the sake of safety. If someone is following too closely behind you, let them pass.

Keep an eye out for potholes and objects in the road which can cause your ride to be bumpy.

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