How to Use a Singstar Microphone on PC

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The Singstar microphone is a microphone input set that allows you to use a regular mic on your home computer or laptop. The set includes the Singstar microphone plus a universal audio plug to USB converter.

The converter allows you to divert the input capabilities form the mic into a default device that can be used with many different programs and games. Once you have established the connection on your computer, the Singstar works just like a stage mic does.

Plug the USB connector that came with your Singstar mic into your computer. Insert the plug of the mic into the end of the USB connector.

Click on the "Start" menu and select the Control Panel. Choose "Hardware and Sound" from the control panel.

Find the Sound heading and click the "Manage Audio Devices" option. Select the Recording tab from the window that comes up.

Select the microphone device that says "USBMIC." On the lower right corner of the mic icon, click on the check option to make it the default input device.

Click "OK" to make the changes and to use the Singstar microphone.