How to Fix a Blind Spot Mirror

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Blind spot mirrors are small convex mirrors which can be attached to your side mirrors to eliminate the blind spot. This is possible due to the "fish eye" nature of the mirror, which offers a wider range of vision. In order to take full advantage of the benefits offered by the "fish eye" blind spot mirror, it is important to know how to fix the mirror in place, and appropriately adjust it so that you no longer have a blind spot when driving.

Clean the main mirror. An alcohol pad would be the most effective method of preparation. Gently rub the mirror, removing any adhesive or debris. This will help the new blind spot mirror fix, and stay, in place.

Attach the blind spot mirrors to the edge of your side mirrors (the edge closest to the road.) Most blind spot mirrors have adhesive backs, so you simply have to fix the mirror in place and it will stick.

Have a friend walk around your car and ensure that he is constantly in the view of one of your three mirrors. If so, then you have properly fixed your blind spot mirror in place and it is successfully covering any blind spots.

Adjust your side mirrors--which will, in turn, adjust the blind spot mirrors--if you still have a blind spot. A small adjustment may be necessary.

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