How to Change the Size of a PowerPoint Slide

Pixland/Pixland/Getty Images

Microsoft PowerPoint allows you to compile slideshow presentations of job-related information, family vacation photos or other data. PowerPoint gives you full control over slide appearance and flow, as well as the size of the slide.

Although a PowerPoint presentation automatically adjusts to the monitor or overhead screen it is projected on, you can change the size of the slide as quick as a few clicks.

Open PowerPoint, which automatically starts a presentation with a new blank slide. To change the slide size of an existing presentation, click the "File" tab, click "Open," browse to the presentation and double-click it, which opens it with the first slide showing in the PowerPoint workspace.

Click the "Design" tab at the top of the screen. Click the "Page Setup" button, the first button on the left side of the ribbon/toolbar below the tab.

Scroll the "Slides sized for" menu to "Custom."

Type the desired dimensions into the "Width" and "Height" boxes, such as "6" and "8" respectively.

Click the "OK" button and PowerPoint automatically adjusts the slide's appearance on screen. Any other slides in the slide deck will change to the new size if you've changed a slide in an existing presentation. Any slides you add will also be this new size.