How to Annotate Pictures in MS Word

Microsoft Word contains tools that users can use to annotate documents. This is a useful feature for those who need to add editing comments to a document but do not wish to print the document to do so. It is also possible to use these tools with pictures in MS Word documents.

Click on the picture to select it. A black border with handles will appear around the picture to show that it has been selected.

Click the "Review" tab. This will display the available tools for this section.

Click the "New Comment" button. This is the first button in the "Comments" group. A comment box will appear.

Type a comment into the box. Click the "Close" button when you are done.

Click outside the picture to deselect it. Place the cursor on the button to see your comment. The comment will appear in a box just outside the picture.

Click the "Insert" tab on the ribbon and click "Shapes." A list of shapes in different categories will appear.

Pick a shape from the "Callouts" section of the list.

Click the area of the picture where you wish to place the callout. If you wish to change the size of the callout then click and drag until it is at an appropriate size. Click and drag the blue dots if you wish to change the shape of the callout, click and drag the yellow dot to change the direction and click and drag the green dot to rotate the callout.

Click inside the callout and type a comment. Use the tools in the "Format" tab to format the text if you wish.

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