How to Change the Audio Type on a Philips TV

Learning to properly adjust the audio settings on your TV is an essential part of maximising your TV-watching experience. Secondary Audio Programming (SAP) and Multichannel Television Sound (MTS) are options that, when viewing a channel that supports one of both or these, can play audio in a different language, describe on-screen action for the hearing-impaired, or play the audio from a radio station. If you use a Philips TV and need to learn how to control your audio options, you can do it in a few basic steps.

Press the audio settings button on the Philips remote. On most Philips TV remotes, this will be labelled "Audio" or "MTS." Press it repeatedly to cycle through all the audio options that the TV supports.

Access the TV's menu by pressing the "menu" key either on the remote or the TV's control panel.

Navigate to the audio settings by choosing the "Audio" option in the TV's menu. From here you will be able to specify stereo, MTS, SAP or any other audio option the TV supports.

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