How to make colored salt crystals

rose salt heart image by Maksim Shebeko from

Some of the easiest and most fun art projects can be done using items found around the house. Making coloured salt crystals is a great example. With little or no expense and very little effort, it is easy to make colourful crystal projects.

For rock collectors, the finished crystals can be a pretty addition to their collection. For craft enthusiasts, coloured salt crystals can be used in jewellery, bath products and art projects for kids. Using different kinds of salt and various colours makes the project one with several options and opportunities for creativity.

Place the salt into the sandwich bag.

Add two drops of food colouring. If you are planning to use two colours, for example, red and blue in order to make purple crystals --- use only one drop of each colour.

Seal the sandwich bag and then shake and manipulate the salt inside so that the food colouring coats the salt crystals.

Unseal the sandwich bag to allow air in the bag.

Allow the crystals approximately eight hours to dry and be usable for other crafts.