How to Use a Garmin Sat-Nav

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Garmin Sat-Navs (Satellite Navigation) devices use GPS (Global Positioning System) satellites to triangulate a position. The position is then superimposed onto a map that's displayed on the screen. Points of Interest (POIs) like gas stations and hotels also can be generated.

The devices create navigation routes from your current position to a POI or other location. Using a Garmin Sat-Nav can be accomplished by following some routine steps, including finding your destination and following your route.

In order to mount the Garmin Sat-Nav to your dash, clean and dry the dashboard where you want to place the mounting disk. Remove the backing from the disk and place the disk on the dashboard. Place the Sat-Nav--still on its suction cup mount--onto the disk. Flip the suction device to hold the Sat-Nav in place. Plug the Garmin power cord into the vehicle's cigarette lighter socket.

Turn the Garmin on if it's not already on---some turn on automatically when they are plugged in. There will be a power switch. You may need to set the vehicle's ignition switch to "ACC."

Touch "Where To" on the main screen and select a category, for example "Lodging." The Garmin Sat-Nav displays a list of nearby locations that conform to the category. Touch the destination, for example "XYZ Hotel." The Sat-Nav displays more details, including a phone number and a "Go" button. Press the "Go" button, and the Sat-Nav displays the route.

Start the vehicle and follow the arrow line displayed. As you travel the Garmin guides you with voice prompts, turn arrows on the map and textual directions. The device recalculates the route if you stray.