How to learn payroll for free

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An entrepreneur is responsible for many aspects of his or her business, and in this age of penny-pinching, it pays to be self-sufficient. While you have the product of your business down pat, you may be lacking in other, administrative areas of business. Accounting skills, particularly those regarding payroll, are essential to any business, but don't get discouraged if you lack these. You could hire someone to do the bookkeeping, or take a class to learn the skills yourself. If money's tight, there are other means of learning payroll.

Search the Internet for free tutorials. While many sites offer cheap courses in payroll, there are a few that offer free online tutorials. These are great because there's no fee and no time commitment. These sites offer a wealth of information on payroll, so you're sure to find what you need.

Search for books at your local library. Libraries offer a plethora of resources regarding business and bookkeeping without charging a fee. All you need is a library card, and the world of accounting will cease to be a mystery.

Ask an expert. The Chamber of Commerce often has free information on important payroll and tax-related topics.

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