How to Get Caller ID on TV

If you're watching TV and want fewer interruptions, you can connect a telephone line to your TV receiver so you can see who is calling before you get up to answer. You must have caller ID service on your telephone to take advantage of this feature.

Connect a phone line to your receiver.

Press "Menu" on your DISH Network remote and select "System Setup." Choose "Installation" and then "Caller ID."

Select "Enable Caller ID" and press "Done."

Connect a phone line from the wall to your DIRECTV receiver.

Press "Menu" and select "Caller ID." Choose "Turn On Notices" to enable caller ID on your TV.

Review your 25 most recent calls by pressing "Menu" and selecting "Caller ID." Use arrow keys to navigate the "Call Log."

Check to make sure you have the correct receiver. You must have a gateway receiver to see caller ID on your TV.

Press "Menu" on your remote and select "Settings."

Scroll to "Caller ID" and use the arrow button to highlight "Status," then "On." Press "Exit" to return to the settings menu.

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