How to Transfer an HP Recovery Partition to a New Hard Drive

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Many HP computers come with a Recovery Partition already installed on the local hard drive. These partitions are used to store system backup information and important registration and security files. When migrating data from an older computer to a newer one, the HP Recovery Partition can be a valuable asset.

Transferring the contents of the Recovery Partition to a new hard drive is actually a fairly simple task and should take no more than fifteen minutes to complete.

Connect your secondary hard drive to your computer. If you are not using an external hard drive, skip this step.

Open the "Start" menu, and click on "Computer."

Locate the HP Recovery Partition and open it.

Open a second instance of "Computer" from the "Start" menu.

Locate your secondary hard drive, and double-click it. Right-click anywhere inside the secondary hard drive, and then select "New Folder." Label this folder "HP Recovery."

Highlight the contents of the HP Recovery Partition by holding "Shift" and then clicking the first and last files displayed in the list. Then drag and drop these files into the "HP Recovery" folder on your secondary hard drive.