How to Open a Ford Focus

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Introduced in 1999 in Europe and in 2000 in the USA, the Ford Focus range has become a popular line of hatchback car. Access to the car is controlled via one key and a remote control system or a keyless entry on newer models. The car must be unlocked before attempting to open it. The parts of the Focus that can be opened include the doors, the bonnet and the boot.

Open the doors. Unlock the vehicle using the remote or key for the specific Focus model. Pull the handle on the side of the door towards you. The door latch will be released. Keep hold of the handle and pull the door towards you to open it. Repeat this process to open the door from the inside, but push the door rather than pulling it after releasing the latch.

Open the bonnet. Reach under the driver's side of the dashboard. Pull the hood release lever located in the footwell. The hood will pop up about an inch. Move to the front of the car. Lift the bonnet until it will not move. With your other hand reach under the centre of the front of the hood and pull the release lever up to fully release the hood. Pull the hood up to open it and gain access to the engine.

Open the boot. Press the boot open key on the remote. The boot will pop open. Pull the door up to gain access to the luggage compartment. On older models without remotes insert the key into the lock on the boot. Turn it to open it and pull up on the boot door.

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