How to match carpet colour with wall colour

brush in paint image by Vladislav Gajic from

Decorating your home can be an overwhelming task, particularly if you are not adept at choosing colours that complement each other. Some people enjoy the look of carpeting and wall paint that are the exact same shade in order to create a more spacious looking room.

Others choose the carpeting and then coordinate it with a complementary colour to enhance their existing furniture and home decor. No matter what technique you use, making the right decision is not difficult.

Pick the carpeting colour first; it is an expensive investment and you need a colour that you love and will not tire of quickly, because it is likely to be in your home for many years. If you are using the same colour carpeting throughout your entire home, a neutral colour will give it unity. It will also make the areas seem more spacious, since the eye will flow through the area instead of different carpet colours breaking up the flooring area.

Take a swatch of the carpeting with you to the paint shop in order to coordinate it with the paint. If they do not have the exact colour you are looking for, have them custom-match it to the carpet swatch or another fabric sample. Take home a sample can or a paint sample card.

Tape the paint sample card onto the wall in your home. If you have a can of the paint sample, paint a small section of your wall, approximately 60 cm x 60 cm (2 feet square), with the colour. Allow it to dry.

Look at the paint sample card or the painted wall at different times of the day and compare with the carpet sample or the new carpeting. Lighting can greatly affect the way a colour looks in your home, whether it is natural sunlight or artificial lighting. The paint and carpet colours will reflect on each other as well as types of lighting, so colours that appear to coordinate in the store may not in your home.