How to Program LEGO Mindstorm Spike

LEGO Mindstorms are kits that allow you to build and program your own robots. Spike is a scorpion robot that can be programmed to walk on six legs, hear, and see with ultrasonic sensors. Spike also has a stinger mechanism designed to paralyse its prey.

Mindstorms robots come with NXT programming software designed to make programming your robot simple, even if you have little or no programming experience at all.

Install the LEGO Minstorms NXT software program that came with your Mindstorms kit on your computer. This software is necessary when uploading pre-designed programs to your robot.

Connect the NXT box to your computer with the provided USB cable.

Download programs designed for Spike from or NXT Programs. Click on the download link and save the files to a folder on your computer where you will be able to easily find them once you want to upload the programs to your NXT box.

Select the stored file from your computer and upload it to your NXT box. It will automatically place the file in the proper category, for example placing sound files in the sound file folder on your NXT box.

Select the program from your list of saved programs in the NXT box and choose "Run" to run the program.

Select "Program" from the NXT menu after turning on your NXT box.

Select commands on the programming menu, such as "Forward," "Backward" and "Loop" by scrolling through the commands menu with the grey left and right arrow keys on the NXT control box.

Choose "Run" from the NXT menu to execute the program you designed. You can "Loop" the program so it runs over and over until you turn off or disconnect the NXT box.