How to Connect a TV With Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a type of wireless technology for connecting computers, cell phones and other compatible devices together. If you have two Bluetooth-enabled devices you can easily connect them to exchange files and perform other tasks. Connecting a Bluetooth-enabled device to your television is a straightforward and quick process, depending on your particular model. Once completed, you can watch slideshows and even control your TV using the Bluetooth technology.

Switch on both your Bluetooth TV and the device you want to connect.

Set your TV and device to be "Discoverable" within their Bluetooth settings.

Set your device to search for Bluetooth devices in range. This may take a minute or two.

Choose to connect to the TV when it appears on the list of Bluetooth machines in range. A message will likely appear on the TV asking you to confirm the connection. Once confirmed, you will be able to use the Bluetooth features available between your device and TV.

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