How to Clip Two Umbrella Strollers Together

Baby in Stroller image by Diane Stamatelatos from

Parents of twins or two young children very close in age usually find a double stroller invaluable. However, double strollers can be expensive and bulky.

An alternative temporary option for caregivers is to use a stroller connector to attach two inexpensive umbrella strollers together so that they can be pushed by one person.

Place your two umbrella strollers side-by-side. It is best if the strollers are close in size and the wheels line up.

Prepare your connectors--several brands sell clip-on connectors in sets of three, but simple short bungee cords can work just as well.

Clip the strollers together in three places. Usually it is best to clip them just under the inside handles and just above the inside front and back wheels. If you are using a bungee cord, place the hook around the stroller bar, then wrap around that bar and the one belonging to the other stroller until there is no slack. Secure in place by hooking the other side of the bungee cord onto one of the strollers. Repeat for all three clipping locations.

Stroller clips normally click into place on the stroller tubes. Hold each half of the clip on either side of the portion to be clipped, ensuring that the two stroller tubes line up with the indentation on either side of the clip. Click the clip together to lock into place. Repeat for the other two clipping locations.