How to Send Photos As PDF Files

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More than 20 million PDF files are available online, according to Adobe. A PDF, which stands for portable document format, is a common file format specification that is available to most computer owners. Sending photos in PDF format will ensure document fidelity and integrity once the picture leaves your computer.

With free PDF readers and creators, the PDF format is a favourite way to send documents, photos and forms.

Download a PDF creator online. Depending on the purpose of the PDFs, free PDF creators are available. For pictures to be integrated into a interactive PDF form, you may have to purchase software.

Open the picture you wish to send as a PDF. Choose "File" then "Print." When the printing options window opens, select the name of the PDF printer you downloaded. Click "Print."

Save the PDF photo under a memorable file name in an easily accessible file or to the desktop. When the newly created PDF opens, click "File" then "Save."

Log in to your e-mail account.

Open a new message window. Fill out the "To" and "Subject" fields.

Attach the PDF photo as you would a JPG, TIFF or document. Once the photo is attached, send the email.