Wicker Basket Repair

wicker baskets image by Irina Kodentseva from Fotolia.com

Wicker is a style of weaving done with a variety of materials including rattan reed, paper fibre and even willow branches. Wicker is resilient, and when left indoors, can last for generations. As with all baskets, wicker can eventually break, causing entire sections of the basket to unravel. If this happens, rest assured that it's not the end of the basket. Wicker is simple to repair with a wicker tool kit and some patience.

Examine the broken section of the basket. Make note of any vertical pieces that are broken as well as the extent of unravelling in the horizontal pieces.

Measure and cut replacement vertical pieces from your weaving material. Set the new piece next to the old broken piece and begin weaving it through the damaged areas, starting three sticks down from the space. If the entire piece is gone, then insert the new vertical piece into the bottom braid and weave upward.

Measure and cut the replacement horizontal sticks. Begin weaving them into the basket, one vertical stick back from the damage. Be consistent with the original pattern as you reweave the area.

Work one stick past the damaged area and cut off the repaired willow level with stick.

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