How to Connect Monitor Speakers

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Connecting monitor speakers to your computer is a quick upgrade that can greatly improve your multimedia experiences. From gaming and music to DVDs and viral videos, speaker audio provides a high-quality experience with greater user freedom than you can get from headphones.

Most computer systems include a straightforward speaker set-up in their basic set-up instructions, but the process can be completed easily without them.

Shut down your computer and turn the rear of the tower so the plug-ins are accessible.

Connect the two speakers to each other with the cord provided, if they are not already attached permanently.

Set the speakers beside the computer monitor and run the connector and power cords behind them and down to the PC tower and wall socket. If they are connecting to a laptop, leave the connector cord accessible beside the speakers.

Plug the power cord into the wall socket or power bar socket. Some monitor speakers are powered directly by the computer, so this may not be applicable in all cases.

Locate the speaker jack on your computer and connect your speaker cord to it. The speaker jack is 3.5mm in size, the same as a headphone jack and usually noted with a speaker symbol. When the speakers are connected, restart your computer and adjust your volume settings to complete the connection of your monitor speakers.