How to Replace a Wiper Arm

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The windshield wipers on a vehicle play an important role in driving safety. Properly functioning wipers keep your windshield clean and clear during rain, snow and other inclement weather.

If one or both of your wiper arms breaks or dislodges from the windshield, your view can become obstructed and driving can be dangerous. You can replace a wiper arm by following a few simple steps.

Remove the damaged wiper arm. Lift the wiper arm up to find the release tab. You should be able to press or slide on this and pull firmly to release the wiper blade. If the arm already broke completely off the windshield, check to see if there are any remaining pieces. If so, remove them and throw them away.

Install the new wiper by placing the bottom end of the wiper arm into the connector from which you removed the damaged arm. You will hear it snap into place. Specific instructions will vary with brand. Read any included directions.

Test the wipers. Turn on your car and activate the wipers. You should do this immediately after installing a new wiper arm to ensure proper installation.