How to fish with anise oil

Many fish, like catfish and trout, enjoy certain flavours, which makes creating enticing bait a lot easier. One of the particularly popular tastes that these fish are partial to is liquorice, which is the predominant flavour of anise. A simple way to administer anise is in oil form, where it goes by the name anise oil or aniseed oil. When fishing with anise oil, you are able to naturally attract and lure many fish successfully.

Spread out a cloth on your table and set all of your fishing items like hooks and bait on top of the cloth. The cloth will help protect your table from the oil.

Add 20 drops of anise oil into 59.1ml. of cod liver oil and mix the oils together thoroughly. Use an eyedropper to maintain a steady flow of drops.

Pour the combined oils into a small spray bottle and apply an even layer over all of your bait, lures and hooks.

Turn your equipment over and make sure that every side of each item is covered in the oil mixture. Put together you fishing line with the oiled equipment and fish like you normally do.

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