How to make bee wings for a costume

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A pair of bee wings may be a necessary accessory for a Halloween costume or for a performance in a school play. Making a set of wings from some items you may already have on-hand is a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a pair in a store, where similar items may be expensive.

With some tips and know-how, making a handmade pair of bee wings can be an easy and rewarding project.

Untwist two wire hangers from their triangle shape. Use a set of pliers if you have trouble untwisting them.

Bend each hanger into a circle shape. Use pliers to twist the ends of each hanger so they retain the circular shape.

Cut off the top of a pair of white tights so you have just the two legs of the tights left behind. Black pantyhose will also work.

Stretch one leg of the tights over each wire circle. Pull the tights taut over the wire and tie the ends of the tight legs so they stay in place over the circle. Trim off any extra material.

Draw stripes horizontally on the wings with a black permanent marker. Make the stripes about 1 inch thick and about 1 inch apart. If you want to make them more realistic, use a photograph of a bee's wings as a guideline.

Attach the two circles side by side with the hot glue gun, so they look like the wings of a bee.

Cut two 12-inch pieces of elastic. Hold each piece in a loop and hot glue it to the centre of the wings, creating two shoulder straps.