How to Upholster a Toy Box

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Upholstering a toy box in a child's playroom is a good idea; the soft edges of the upholstery can prevent play injuries. Covering a toy box requires just a few tools and materials and can be completed quickly.

Measure the four sides of the toy box and the top to determine how much batting and fabric you will need.

Cut out five pieces of batting that match the measurements of the toy box.

Place each piece of batting on the corresponding side of the toy box and staple to secure.

Cut out five pieces of fabric in sizes to match the toy box sides with an extra inch on each side of the fabric.

Place each piece of fabric on the corresponding toy box side. Wrap the edge of each side of the fabric over the top and bottom of the toy box walls as if you were wrapping a present. Fold the fabric under itself at the corners, making a neat hem to prevent overlapping fabric at the sides of the box. Staple to secure the fabric.

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