How do I Work a Bosch 1400 Washing Machine?

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A Bosch 1400 washer is a front-loading machine intended for domestic use only. It is suitable for machine washable fabrics, but one of its wash cycles is designed specifically for hand washable wool.

It uses water from the domestic cold drinking water supply combined with any detergent and fabric care substance that are suitable for washing machine use. Its maximum and minimum spin speeds are 1400 and 600 revolutions per minute respectfully. The washer also features a rinse hold, facility which means laundry will remain in rinse water until the user chooses to drain and spin the load.

Divide the washing into loads according to the care instructions on each item.

Ensure each load includes both large and small items.

Place the first load to be washed in the machine drum.

Close the door firmly, but make sure you do not trap any items between it and the rubber seal.

Pull the detergent drawer open. It is on the top left of the machine's front.

Place the recommended amount of detergent in dispenser II and fabric conditioner in dispenser III. If the program includes a pre-wash, detergent should also be placed in dispenser I.

Close the detergent drawer.

Turn the program selector - on the machine's front above the door - to the program you wish to use.

Select any additional function you wish to use. These include:

SpeedPerfect - described by Bosch as "washing in a shorter time with a washing outcome comparable to that of the standard programme."

EcoPerfect - an energy-saving option.

Reduced Ironing - This enables a special spin sequence with an increased level of moisture left in the laundry.

Aqua Plus - This function raises the water level in the drum and adds an extra rinse.

Press the start button.

Open the washing machine door and lift out the load unless rinse hold has been selected. In this case, turn the program selector to drain or choose a spin speed. Then press the start button again.

Check the drum of your Bosch 1400 for any foreign objects.

Leave both the washing machine door and the detergent drawer open so water left in the system can dry naturally.

Turn the program selector to "off."