How to inflate a flat car tyre

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Tyres help keep your car on the road. Well cared-for tyres are important to a safe ride and a flat tyre should never be driven on. You can damage your tyre and wheel by driving on a flat tyre. So if you have a flat tyre, inflate it quickly.

You may have to repair the tyre before you can reinflate it, but if you are going to inflate the tyre without removing it for repair, it won't take much time or require any tools.

Inspect the tyre for damage. You may be able to inflate the tyre right away if it leaks air slowly, but if damage to the tyre caused it to become completely flat, you'll want to repair it before inflating it, or it may become flat again very quickly.

Skip to the tyre inflation steps if you don't need to repair the tyre.

Remove the wheel lug nuts and raise the car with the jack. Then remove the wheel.

Repair the damage to the tyre. You can possibly plug a small hole with a tyre repair kit, but the best permanent fix is to remove the tyre from the rim and patch it from the inside. Service stations or auto repair centres can do this for you.

Connect an air pump to the tyre's valve stem and pump air into the tyre.

Check the tyre's air pressure and adjust if necessary. Push the needle at the centre of the valve stem if you need to let air out