How to Convert an Acer Laptop Microphone to a Line-in Jack

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Acer laptop computers have a built in webcam and microphone. This allows you to communicate with other individuals via online video chat. However, the microphone is not of professional-grade quality. So, if you are looking to improve on the audio recording your computer is picking up, connect a new microphone to the line-in connection and adjust the computer so it receives the audio from the line-in connection instead of the built-in mic.

Plug the 3.5mm cable running out the rear of the microphone into the "Line-In" connection port on the side of the Acer laptop computer.

Click the "Start" button, then select "Control Panel." Wait for the Control Panel window to load onto the screen.

Double-click the "Sound and Audio Device" icon. A window loads with the audio controls.

Click the pull-down menu with the input options, select "Line-In" option, then click "Apply." This adjusts the audio input to the connected microphone, instead of the built-in mic on the Acer laptop computer.

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