How to transfer contacts between cell phones with bluetooth

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Cell phones can send and receive contacts via Bluetooth. Bluetooth allows for secure communication between two cell phones after the phones are paired. You can send contact information, such as numbers, e-mail addresses and addresses, directly from one phone to another in a matter of minutes.

Transferring a contact's information through Bluetooth does not cost either party any money. And the information cannot be intercepted by a third party due to the secure nature of Bluetooth.

Press the "Menu" button on a phone and then select "Tools" and "Bluetooth." Select "Add a Device" and then wait for the phone to recognise the other phone. Enter a PIN code on the phone when prompted and then confirm the PIN on the other phone.

Select a contact from the address book to send. Press the "Menu" key and then select "Send Contact."

Select the mobile phone to send the contact to from the list of available devices.

Press "Send" to send a request to the other phone.

Select "Accept" on the phone receiving the contact and then wait for the contact's information to be delivered to the handset.