How to Dye a Beard White

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Many men have beards that, as they age, begin to turn white, resulting in a salt and pepper look. At this stage, some men choose to dye their beards a dark colour or dye them completely white. Some men appreciate the novelty of a completely white "Santa beard" and want to know how to create this look for special occasions. Luckily this can be accomplished rather easily in the comfort of home with just a little preparation.

Pour the volume 30 creme hair bleach developer into one of the mixing bottles. Lightly pour the mixture onto your beard. Make sure you stay about a quarter of an inch away from the root of your hair and your skin to ensure that you do not burn your skin with the bleach.

Cover the hair and bleach with tin foil and allow the bleach to sit for 20 minutes. When 20 minutes has passed, check your beard to see how light it is. A little bit of yellow is fine, but if the beard appears too golden, allow a few more minutes before washing out the bleach. Continue to check every 5 minutes, but do not leave on longer than 40 minutes. Remove the bleach by rinsing the beard with water and shampoo. Towel dry.

Add the semi-permanent white hair colour to your beard. This colour will tone out any of the yellow and leave a smooth, white tint. Leave the colour on for 20 minutes. Rinse out the colour, shampoo and condition.

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