Instructions for Bingo Machines

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Using a Saga 2 Bingo Machine can seem overwhelming when you first make the change from a wire basket. Once you get the hang of how to run the machine you will notice that the Saga 2 offers several features that will come in handy.

These features include last number called, all of the numbers called and the jackpot number. (Read your owner's manual for more information about these features plus more.)

Turn on the machine.

Press the red "Select" switch after the left decimal point is blinking.

Press the blue "Recall" switch to increase or press the black "Total Calls" switch to decrease the jackpot number by one for each press.

Press "Select" after the desired jackpot number is displayed. Zero will be displayed.

Press and hold the red "Select" switch to select a number.

Release the switch to display this number to the audience.

To check the number of calls made press and hold the "Total Calls" switch.

To recall the numbers called in reverse order, press the blue "Recall" switch.

Press the red "Select" switch to return to select the number mode.