How to Reboot an OKI B6200

The OKI Data B6200 Series Printer is designed to update much in the same way as a computer: when you change and save configuration settings, you must reboot the unit for the changes to take effect.

If the printer malfunctions, it may request a reboot by displaying a "Please reboot printer" message" to indicate the preferred method of fixing the error. No matter the reason, rebooting your OKI B6200 requires little effort beyond temporarily shutting off the power supply to the printer via its "Power" switch.

Push the "Power" switch on the left bottom front side of your OKI Data B6200 Series Printer to turn the printer off.

Press the "Power" switch again to turn the printer back on.

Send a print job to the printer. If you had to reboot the printer because of an error message, check that the error message has cleared before sending the print job. If it hasn't cleared, contact OKI Data Technical Support at 800-OKI-DATA (654-3282) for additional assistance as you're dealing with a complex printer malfunction that rebooting alone won't fix.