How to Wheelspin a Car

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If you have a high-powered, sleek vehicle that you want to show off, a wheelspin is just the move for you. Before you drive off, spinning the tires produces smoke and noise that displays your car's power. You shouldn't perform a wheelspin in traffic or crowded areas, but if you have plenty of space and relatively few obstacles, it's fun and not very hard to do.

Shift into first or second gear. First gear is safer for a wheelspin, but second gear offers faster take-off.

Press in your clutch and press down on your accelerator to rev your engine. Keep an eye on your tachometer, which shows rotations per minute (rpm). Don't let it get into the red area to prevent engine damage.

Release your clutch and get ready for an extended wheelspin that should result in some smoke, noise and marking on the street. Keep both hands on the wheel and be ready to brake in case you spin out of control.

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