How to dry fresh bay leaves

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Bay leaves are a popular ingredient in Italian recipes. Growing the herb in your garden is simple and will supply a harvest that lasts a year. The most simple method of preserving bay leaves is drying them. While a dehydrator works best, bay leaves can simply be dried overnight in an oven.

Cover the top of a wire rack with a single layer of paper towels.

Separate the bay leaves and place on the paper towels in a single layer. Do not allow the leaves to touch.

Place a single layer of paper towels over the leaves. Arrange another layer of leaves on the towels. You can create up to four more layers.

Turn on the oven light if using an electric stove. If using a gas stove, the heat from the pilot light will be sufficient.

Place the stacked leaves on the middle rack and allow to dry overnight.

Store the dried bay leaves in airtight containers until needed.

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