How to Transfer a Skype Account to Another PC Images

When you change from one PC to another, one of your priorities may be transferring your Skype account. After all, your Skype account holds your address book--which can contain home and cell phone numbers along with other people's Skype contact information.

Also, if you use or have used Skype to make calls or send SMS messages, you may have a remaining balance of money in your Skype account. Rather than creating a new Skype account, leaving your balance behind and recreating your address book, simply transfer your account from one computer to another.

Install Skype on the new computer. You can do this by visiting Skype's website and clicking on the "Get Skype" link. Follow the prompts until Skype is fully installed on your computer. Skip this step if Skype is already installed on this computer.

Open Skype. You can do this by clicking on your "Start" menu, going to "Programs" and finding the newly installed Skype, or by clicking on the Skype shortcut on your desktop or toolbar, if you chose to add these during the installation process. If Skype was previously installed on the computer, opening Skype might automatically log you in with the wrong account. If this happens, click on the "Skype" option in the top toolbar and then click on "Sign out."

Enter your Skype name and password into the window that appears when you open Skype. Use the Skype name and password that are associated with the account you want to transfer onto this computer--in other words, the Skype name and password you used on your other computer to access this account.

Click the "Sign in" button to connect to Skype using your old Skype account. This will automatically transfer all of your contacts and any remaining balance on your account into the Skype program you are using on the new computer.