How to Send a Samsung Phonebook Via Bluetooth

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Bluetooth is an open wireless technology designed for sending information over short distances. Many mobile phones now have Bluetooth capability to enable them to send photos and music files and use wireless headsets.

On Samsung phones with Bluetooth capability it is possible to send phone numbers or even whole address books, which enables an easy transfer of numbers between handsets.

Turn on Bluetooth on both devices. Navigate through the options menu and ensure that Bluetooth capability is turned on and "Discoverable." With the donor phone, search for other devices and follow the on-screen instructions to pair the devices, enabling a Bluetooth connection.

Navigate to the phonebook on the Samsung phone. Select the contact list and highlight any contact. Click on the contact to view their info.

Click on the "Options" button (the location can vary on Samsung touch-screen and keypad phones). Select "Send Name Card." Click on "Via Bluetooth." The contacts list will appear. Check the "Mark All" box. Select "Done."

Choose the receiver phone from the devices list. The contacts will then be transferred one by one. Click "Yes" after each contact is sent to reopen the Bluetooth connection and send the next contact.