How to Create Your Own Star Wars Birthday Party Invitations

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Although you can purchase Star Wars birthday party invitations, making homemade invitations lets you exercise your creativity while incorporating your favourite images from the Star Wars universe.

Creating your own Star Wars invitations means that you can feature obscure characters along with the popular ones, reflecting the tastes of the birthday girl.

Collect Star Wars images to use for your invitations. Cut pictures from old issues of Star Wars Insider magazine or Star Wars comic books. Purchase Star Wars rub-on transfers, or download Star Wars images from

Measure your envelopes against your card stock to determine the dimensions of the invitations. Create a word-processing document, dividing the page into sections the same size as your finished invitations. Each sheet of paper will contain two or four invitations.

Type your invitation text into the document, including the party date, time and location, and any RSVP information. Leave room to position your Star Wars images around the text. Copy and paste the text into each section.

Print the invitations on card stock. Cut the card stock with scissors or a paper cutter to separate the invitations.

Glue your Star Wars images on to each invitation, being careful not to cover any of the text.