How to Repair Cigarette Burns on a Sofa

sofa image by Clementina Cabral from

The lighted end of a cigarette does not have to come in contact with sofa fabric to create a burn. Fallen ashes are hot enough to sear the material, creating a hole. If you fail to repair the burn in the sofa, the hole may get bigger. Repair cigarette burns to keep the sofa from looking worn.

Cut the cigarette burns from the sofa fabric with small scissors. Remove only the burnt areas of the fabric and cut any loose threads.

Measure the holes in the sofa. Cut replacement patches from material on the underside or on the back near the bottom of the sofa. Cut the replacement pieces one-quarter inch to one-half inch larger than the holes.

Pour fabric glue onto a toothpick, and apply the glue into the hole in the sofa. Pick up the patch with tweezers and apply a tiny amount of the glue around the edges of the patch.

Place the patch into the hole, positioning it with the tweezers to match the pile or pattern in the sofa.

Tear off a piece of cling film and place over the patch. Put a heavy book or other object over the cling film and leave for two hours, allowing the patch time to bond.

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