How to Replace the Back Window of a Smart Cabrio

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The Smart Cabrio is a distinctive super-mini that combines the convenience of a compact and fuel-efficient vehicle with the enjoyment of a two-seater convertible. The eye-catching rear of the Smart Cabrio has a completely different look and design than other convertibles. The back window of the Smart Cabrio will need to be replaced if it is cracked or broken. The back window is glued to the soft top roof; therefore the soft top roof must be replaced in order to replace the back window.

Park the Smart Cabrio on level ground.

Pull off the roof cover, located underneath the roof, from inside of the vehicle to access four bolts.

Remove the four bolts with a ratchet wrench, turning them counterclockwise.

Slide off the spoiler, if so equipped, and pull the soft top roof away from the car.

Repeat Steps 2 through 4 in reverse to install the new soft top roof on your Smart Cabrio. If the roof sits unevenly, tighten the adjuster on the slanted side of the roof.

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