How to Arrange Flowers on Candelabras

flowers image by OMKAR A.V from

Combining the magical glow of a candelabra with colourful flowers and greenery creates a stunning combination. Both provide a commanding presence to any space, and set the mood for weddings and parties.

The branched structure of the candelabra makes the ideal backdrop for fresh flowers, resulting in an enchanting display. Adding greenery throughout the arrangement provide a cohesive design. Create your own one-of-a-kind candelabra arrangement to use at your next celebration.

Cut the flower stems at a sharp angle using a florist's knife, and place them in a water-filled container.

Saturate a block of wired or caged floral foam in a bucket of water, and then remove the caged foam from the water and take it to your workspace.

Wrap garden or floral wire around the holes on the cage. Then, attach the foam low on the candelabra, continuing to hook the wire to the cage and twist each piece around the candelabra until it's secure and stable. You want the foam low so that the flowers and greenery will be at a safe distance from open flame.

Insert flowers into the pre-soaked foam. Trim back their stems if they appear to be too long. Position the blooms so that the tall flowers are at the bottom and sides of the foam to create a symmetrical and wide arrangement. Tuck smaller blooms into the foam to add dimension to the design.

Add greenery to the back of the arrangement to create a lush backdrop for the flowers. Cut back the stems to the desired length. Use the greenery to hide the foam and any visible floral wire.

Place the candelabra arrangement carefully in the desired location.